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Myerstown Building Signs

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No other sign embodies the first impression of any business establishment than the storefront sign. It is placed on the front facade of the building, introducing the business to your customers. This building sign is one of the most indispensable signs a business can have.

For a building sign that can create a lasting first impression on prospective and existing consumers, Displays and Graphics Inc. is all you need.

storefront building sign

A good building sign sets you apart from other business establishments around you. It will help you capture people’s interests more, and ultimately, add revenue to your business.

So if you’re looking for a storefront sign that can promote your business well, or one that can effectively build your brand by showcasing your logo, colors, and design, then Displays and Graphics Inc. can help you with it. We design, produce, and install the highest quality of Myerstown building signs for any type of business, and we can’t wait to work with you!

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building Sign

Not all signs work for all types of businesses. Each sign type has a unique set of advantages and functions that it can bring to a restaurant, store, service company, school, or any business.

It all depends on your organization’s brand, personality, location, budget, competition, and target audience to determine which building sign is the best for you. At Displays and Graphics Inc., we prioritize getting to know your company well and figuring out the best signage solutions for you.

To do this, our process essentially involves knowing your business up close. Our signage specialist conducts an on-site evaluation of your building so we can narrow down your options to the best and most appropriate sizes, sign types, colors, and other specifications for your business.

We like to engage in discussions and consultations with our clients to understand their company goals fully. From design, production, and installation up until repairs and maintenance, we want to be there for you up close so we can always provide you with satisfying results.

Types of Building Signs

Wall Sign

As your leading Myerstown, PA signage company, we use our experience and expertise to recommend proven ways of effectively choosing and using building signs.

By considering several important factors, such as your location and business type, we may advise strategies using signs that blend well with your background or contrast a lot with it. Whatever recommendations we may find best for you, rest assured that it is backed with research, experience, and expertise.

To ensure that you maximize your sign’s potential, our graphic designers and signage experts are fully equipped to create completely customized signage products. Customized signs will indeed set your business apart from other establishments in your community.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Some of the best and most famous storefront building signs are channel letter and dimensional letter signs.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

They are both three-dimensional signs made of individually cut texts, letters, numbers, symbols, and even logos and images.

The difference between them is that channel letters are hollow, allowing electronic lighting to be installed with them, while dimensional letters are made of solid metal or acrylic.

They are popular choices among a wide array of business types, from retail stores to manufacturing facilities, because of their versatility in design and universal look. If they’re installed with backlighting or illumination, they can be even more attractive and eye-catching, making your business truly stand out in whatever environment it’s in.

Lighted Signs

Lighted Sign

If you need to stand out even in low visibility situations, namely during stormy weather or nighttime, then lighted signs are the perfect way to go. Many sign types can be installed with electronic lights to highly increase their visibility in the dark.

Good examples include channel letter signs, commonly applied with backlighting, and cabinet signs traditionally installed with electronic lighting. Lighted signs work great for businesses that need to operate until the evening, such as retail stores, bars, gas stations, convenience stores, and theaters.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignBlade sign, also known as projecting or hanging sign, pertains to signs installed perpendicularly to the building instead of the usual flat-on-the-back attachment.

Some backlit cabinet signs can be hanging signs. Others are made of customized materials, like High-Density-Urethane Foam, wood, or metal.

Projecting signs have many unique benefits. They are great for stopping foot traffic, as people notice them differently compared to flat signs. They are also great for complementing storefront signs, offering a great aesthetic only they can pull off. Finally, they can act as a directional sign for a business or institution located inside a building but not in the front area.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAwning signs have two main functions: showcasing your store’s name plus other business information and providing protection or shade to people at the building’s front area.

Canopy signs are a unique-looking signage product made of stretched canvas material, usually fabric or metal. Displays and Graphics Inc. can create awning signs that are incredibly durable, lasting for many years without losing its elegant look. They have a specific look that is great if you like your business to have a boutique-like feel. They are also optimal for businesses like hotels or open-air restaurants, as they can provide a cozy covering upfront.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Displays and Graphics Inc. company logoDisplays and Graphics Inc. takes to heart the relevance of having great-looking and durable Myerstown building signs that will determine your business’s first impression on prospective buyers.

We are excited to provide you with only the highest quality of signage products and services that the industry can offer. We can’t wait to work with you!

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