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Company signs hold a huge responsibility in your business. They’re all about your company identity when executed properly. They are silent advertising of your business, designed to introduce your brand message, who you are, what you are about, and what you can offer in just one glance. Company signs also come in many forms: from the large illuminated pole sign, which you can see from quite a distance, to the wall graphic navigating people around a building. Company signage impacts your audience from any distance.

And because of the gravity of a corporate sign’s influence, getting them done without the expertise of professionals can be a significant risk. This is where we come in. Displays and Graphics, Inc has been in the sign-making industry for a long time, and we specialize in company signs.

What sets us apart from other custom Company sign Harrisburg, PA companies?

  • We will study and analyze your business, branding, and target market.
  • We will provide expert insight and guidance on your goals.
  • We will create impactful corporate sign designs.
  • We will produce high-quality corporate sign products.
  • We will install your corporate sign in compliance of requirements/regulations.
  • We will provide maintenance and repair support if needed.

Cohesive Company Signs for the Indoors

When it comes to interior signs, you may not realize it, but every single factor contributes to your image and personality as a business—the font style, sign colors, size, images, shape, etc. This is why the level of detail in a sign designer’s eye is so important when forming and presenting your brand’s persona through corporate signs.

You don’t have to worry, though. Here at Displays and Graphics, we have an entire team of experienced graphic artists who can help you show your corporate identity from within your office, store, or restaurant. We also have a strong team of marketing experts who, if you bump into some challenges with your business’s branding, can sit down with you, give you insight, and help bring your brand identity into your signs.

From stunning lobby signs to wall decals, hanging signs, room ID signs, menu boards, and even the seemingly simple navigation signs, we have you covered.

Outdoor Signages that Attracts Customers

The defining moment of your corporate sign is when people look at it and immediately associate it with your business’s brand message. With one look, they would recall your products or services and the quality of work you do, and in that split-second, they are drawn to you. High-quality outdoor corporate signs are capable of delivering this to your business. They attract customers, get them in through your doors, increase foot traffic for your business, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Here at Displays and Graphics, Inc, we ensure that every single outdoor sign we produce is high quality. We design them for maximum impact, custom-craft them for the highest durability, and install them for maximum visibility. Having been in the sign business for many years, we know how much potential a good exterior sign has.

We offer a vast selection of outdoor signage options, including fascia signs, pole signs, A-frames, pylon signs, monument signs, awnings, channel letters, storefront signs, vinyl banners, and many more.

Take Your Brand With You Wherever You Go

Vehicle wraps and decals, for example, are creative and highly economical advertising solutions. With impactful designs and flawless professional installation, we can turn your otherwise boring company car into a 24/7 mobile billboard that displays your corporate identity wherever it goes.

Another venue for effectively promoting your brand would be outdoor events such as trade shows, conventions, and concerts. We provide numerous sign types perfect for those events: pop-up signs, standees, vinyl banners, flag signs, teardrop banners, A-frames, product displays, and many more. And the best part? We can customize these corporate signs according to your branding and according to the purpose you’ve set for them.

Full-Service Harrisburg Company Sign Company

As a trusted Harrisburg Company signs provider for many years now, we’ve successfully handled numerous projects in the area. Our secret for staying in business this long is our commitment to giving all of our clients the best of what we have: our knowledge, our technology, our art, our experience, and our genuine care.

We take care of our clients from start to finish, helping them with planning and conceptualization, all the way to maintenance and repair. Our team of designers, marketing experts, signage specialists, project managers, and maintenance crew are always up for a challenge.

The world of corporate signs is vast, and, at first, you might find it confusing or think one sign type is just as good as the other. But we’ve been in this industry long enough to know that you can’t get high-quality signs by randomly picking them off the shelves. Choosing the most suitable and effective corporate signage for your business takes a good balance of art, technical know-how, and experience, and we’re happy to share that with you.

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